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Powering Deeper Understanding of Physical Assets Through AI & Computer Vision.

Time is running out!
We have to order the insecticide in advance, limited supplies available. Book now before it is too late!

Now Booking:

Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Season

Estimated 5/1 - 6/30 

Due to the very short window of opportunity to perform this service and to ensure we can accommodate the workload for this season we are asking all clients both new and existing to reserve their spots ASAP so we can schedule the service areas this year!

Why Drones

Drones (or UAVs) have been around for over a decade! At CNY Drone Services, we are looking to the decades ahead to grow with this technology and our clients alike.

Agriculture, Mapping, Real Estate Photography, Solar, Mapping... We are your local Industrial Drone Service Provider.

Our Service Area

We are based in Herkimer/Utica NY and proudly serve all of NYS! We are more than happy to travel to your field, business, or job site!

Contact us to take your industry to new heights!

DJIAGRAST30OrchardMode-1 (1).jpg
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel


Mapping offers a vast number of benefits to Agriculture. From discovering stand counts and crop health, to gathering data for stockpiles, creating digital twins, and more; we can help every step of the way.

Drone Spraying

For years, crop dusting has been known to be applied by manned aircraft.

However, Drones are changing the game by allowing a more precise application and introducing the idea of spot spraying.

This is also a great way to clean solar fields, fertilize golf courses, and more

Drone Inspection Services with Data Analysis Creates Value Across Industries

By combining our drone inspection services with our data analytics platform, we create value across a wide range of industries and applications, empowering customers with unique perspectives for insightful action. By delivering accurate, finely detailed and unique data, our cutting-edge technology helps simplify processes and decisions relating to measurement, change analysis, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation.

Make More Informed Decisions with CNY Drone Services!


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