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Spongy Moth is one of the most destructive pests of hardwood trees in the Eastern US. It is listed as one of the top 100 most destructive invasive species in the world.
During outbreak years, nearly all broadleaf trees may be completely defoliated, caterpillars appear everywhere, and “frass” (caterpillar droppings) appear to rain from the trees. Adult spongy moths are only seen in mid-summer when temperatures are above freezing. This species is known to infest trees in woodland or suburban areas.
Areas in Northern Adirondacks, Central and Finger Lakes Region in New York have experienced heavy defoliation the past two years. When populations are high there are an estimated one million caterpillars per acre in NYS forests.


Combatting Spongy (Gypsy) Moth

Foray 48B was specifically developed to protect forests from harmful defoliation caused by destructive caterpillar pests. Btk is a unique, naturally occurring bacterium that affects only caterpillars and, because of the unique chemistry of the caterpillar’s gut, Foray 48B Btk is highly selective in its activity. It has minimal environmental impact, and it will not harm other types of insects, fish, birds or mammals.
Foray 48B has been certified for use in Certified Organic Production under the National Organic Program (NOP) and it is also listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Drone Applications

Due to the way this insecticide works, the caterpillar must ingest the product. With traditional aerial services, primarily only the crown of the tree is treated. The caterpillars then have to work their way to the crowns before they will begin to be affected.
Drones perform the treatments much more precisely and penetrate the canopy causing the product to be delivered inside the tree crown as well. We have also experienced mass displacement effects caused by the drone’s prop wash which knocks the caterpillars out of the trees. This added
Combatting Spongy Moth
effect disturbs the natural feeding and transport cycle of the caterpillars and also makes them susceptible to ground based predators such as mice and environmental factors.

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Due to being highly mobile and efficient flight times, we can offer cost effective solutions for individual properties. Bulk pricing discount is also available for campgrounds, HOAs and larger woodlot areas.
With our precision, we are able to adjust our spraying swath width from 5ft to 30ft for the hard to reach spots. Spherical obstacle avoidance, terrain awareness and an active radar module allows us to safely navigate areas with obstructions that traditional methods would find challenging or even impossible!

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