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Stand Count

Stand Count determines the precise number of plants in a specific area, compares it to the expected results, and calculates percentages under the norm in a conventional field or field trials. Use it to get the accurate number of plants per micro-plot or a single row, evaluate seed quality (germination rate), decide whether to replant or not and mark the zones of potential yield losses. By obtaining an early yield estimate from Stand Count analysis, it’s easier to plan future agricultural operations and be proactive in replanting efforts


Weed Analysis

Weed Detection analysis is a precise and accurate way of discovering weed infestation in the field. By making it possible to spot weed-infested areas in time, the analysis allows you to easily create variable prescription maps, take immediate effective in-season corrective measures, optimize your weed control techniques and use proper amounts of herbicide in the right places. Ultimately, you will benefit from improved in-field equipment efficiency and increased savings on herbicides. What is more, Weed Detection analysis is good for the environment since it helps minimize the over-application of herbicide and reduces the risk of herbicide runoff.

Plant Vigor

Plant Vigor analysis identifies the exact location, condition, strength, and lushness of vegetation. It helps determine where to perform soil samplings or apply necessary ag operations. If plants are not affected by other biotic and abiotic factors, you can apply fertilizer based only on Plant Vigor analysis.

It helps to optimize the usage of inputs, save on them and prevent over-application. This results in improving crop yields while reducing application in environmentally sensitive areas.


Plant Stress

Plant Stress identifies the exact percentage, size, and location of stress zones where crops haven’t emerged into healthy plants or haven’t emerged at all, areas with diseases, drought or other yield-limiting factors. The report you receive after performing plant stress analysis is a map which clearly indicates health and problem-causing areas of the field. By identifying zones of potential stress you get a chance to act timely with the most adequate measures to increase yield.


Canopy Cover

Canopy Cover provides information about the exact percentage covered by canopy/leaf area and ground cover area. The report you receive includes vital data on vegetation conditions and primary plant productivity, as well as all the necessary details regarding the leaf area index (LAI). As LAI is one of the key parameters used in plant ecology to indicate a plant’s health, this means that you get much-needed help with driving better overall crop performance. Rely on  Canopy analysis to determine the most optimal LAI for the fruits, vegetables or cereals you grow on the field.



Waterlogging Detection analysis gives the opportunity to quickly and accurately locate all potential and existing waterlogged areas in your field and reduce the negative effects of waterlogging, regardless of the field size and crop sort. You will find out how tolerant individual crops are to flooding conditions and be able to adequately adjust the irrigation system. Consequently, you will reduce the chances of the crops’ underperformance, keep the plants from wilting, avoid yield reduction, and prevent possible profit losses.


Lodging & Green Snap

Lodging Detection analysis shows the exact location and percentage of lodged plants & zones, usually stressed by storms, winds, soil density, overpopulation, and high nitrogen levels. The report you receive contains accurate and vital information about the crop damage which will help you assess the crop damage and calculate its economic impact.

With Lodging Detection analysis, you can get an accurate and unbiased report and thus prevent overpaying or underpaying your clients. Field inspection is a tricky and time-consuming job and can easily lead to errors due to unfair conditions in the field. Don’t spend hours on manual measurement of crop damage when you can quickly evaluate aerial imagery and detect the areas with lodged plants.


Green Snap Detection analysis identifies the exact location and percentage of broken plants in the field. Instead of manually measuring the damage on the field, you can save time and collect crop data with a single drone flight. In just a few clicks, you can submit an analysis to obtain the Green Snap Detection report that contains precise information about the crop conditions and thus provide your clients with an accurate and unbiased damage assessment.

Crop damage or loss inspection is a challenging process as you need to scout the whole field after the damage has happened, quite often due to bad weather events. It is important to get an unbiased loss adjustment report and prevent higher or lower insurance payout. With Green Snap Detection analysis, you will make better decisions and your clients will be happy.

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